Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A glint of hope, for women of faith.

   A recent post I read got my mind thinking and now with out full though on the subject I decided I needed to write my own thoughts. Much to my surprise I was glad to find out that I am not the only person out there that feels the disconnect between my life and my spiritual life. I for some time now have been feeling: depressed, alone, unwanted, hurt, yet these are just a few of the many emotions I have been feeling over the past few months. I am in no way a feminist as this wonderful lady that writes this blog, however, what she write about her and the realization that God loves her, as a human and values her, stirred something deep in my heart.

Bree, If you at all read this post I want to thank you for being sensitive to God and his love for you. What you wrote was inspirational and it truly awoke a deep longing in my soul.

She says something that my head and heart cant let go of, Shes talking here about Mary Magdalene and her relationship with Jesus in the last days before his death and resurrection.

   "  It was like someone kept whispering to me, "He came to her first." I never thought I would doubt my place as a women in this gospel but that is where I was. And with this small piece of the story I was overwhelmed with the love I felt my Father and Savior had for me as a woman. A woman that is more than the imperfections of her earthly body. A woman with a clear mind and a tender heart. I hadn't realized it before but I needed to know that He knew me. Not only that He knew me but that I was important to Him. I was more than the attacks on my body."

 This was very important for me to read, as I have not yet come to the conclusion of theses thoughts, this small glint has given me some hope in the oddest of ways. I have some thoughts as to my place in this gospel story, and that for me right now is huge because for some reason I have lost hope. Hope in myself, Hope in my family, Hope in my life, Hope in God, but this one post has brought me some thoughts of hope.

 Here is her link if you would like to read more: