Friday, April 11, 2014

Learning about a human exspereance.

So the other day I was listening to a song that a friend of mine wrote and produced, the song was about love. the lyrics go something along these lines;

"Its only love, if he loves you back,
 its only love if he holds your hand.
you've got the fever and your burning' bad,
 but its only love and you'll get it back..
its only love.. its only love."
(Wonder, its only love)

after listening to this song more then 30 times :) I realized what she was saying!
you love this guy(or girl depending on you) and if you love him/her and she loves you back its love, but whats really impressive to me is that she makes the awesome connection where she says "you'll get it back" which is so true! if you share your heart with someone they will share their heart with you and the love you give will be given to you too.So, in connection with all the talk and songs about love I came to the rather horrifying conclusion that love is something we all need and yet no one is telling how it works. The bible does and excellent job of clearly pointing out who love is, why we need to love, who we need to love, and what actions love needs to look like; BUT no one explains how to feel love, or how to share your heart with someone. instead of the worlds view of "give me your heart", that ideal is rather terrifying. "GIVE MY HEART TO SOMEONE?!?!?, ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?! I don't even trust myself with my heart why would I give it to someone else?" isn't this the truth? we don't even trust ourselves enough to love yourselves.

So first we must learn one thing, how to love yourself. what do you like about you? write a list! whats your favorite things about you?

More posts to come on this subject! :)