Sunday, June 30, 2013

Anyone ever want to just pack up, drive out to the woods, hike as far as you can and go camping? 

hmm me too. 

so today I learned so much! thanks to a wonderful pastor whose heart is on fire for God. 
Francis Chan spoke on my little Iphone over youtube to his congregation about Grace.

Grace, one of those things that we all need to give a little bit more of, am I right?

so starting off the Day The Lord gave me a nice surprise and sang to me a song I desperately needed

the part of this song that really spoke to me was the part
 where she sings "restore the joy of my salvation." 

Part of the problem moving all the time to diffrnet places is never knowing how the people that 
live there are going to respond to you, and over the past two years of living in the beautiful pacific north west I have been very bogged down. Joy has been something hard to come by for me and thats not normal for me. I recently have been making plans and preparing for a move to Michigan! which I am highly excited about, also its been awesome to see how God has been working all the  little details out for me :) more posts to come!

Friday, June 7, 2013


 not much to do today so here is a lovely picture of my hand
 I cant seem to get away from my computer today, so much to do! buy plan tickets and look for a job, also I need to write a paper about the Vietnam war for history class. i should probably take a shower today too..
 I love these stars on my porch they make me feel like I can wish a thousand times and it will always come true
 My sweet little bird ,Blue bell, I named her blue bell because I bought her when the blue bells where blooming and she is as pretty as they are, I love her little squeaks, she makes me happy its warm again.

 the spiders are loving the warm weather I keep finding little nests all over the place, the baby spiders are learning ow to hunt that makes me happy because the mosquito are out and I can no longer sit out side at night and do home work.