Monday, April 14, 2014

Poems by me aren't from my brain

 You left, I'm gone.
By: Eryca Cottle

no words tonight,
my heart is heavy from the fight,
I tried so hard to hold you tight,
but you flew away and took off in flight.
there was nothing I could do in sight,
so I let you go that frightful night,
I said good bye the last time I could that night,
go away now and dont ever come back into my sight,
my heart has taken off and taken flight,
there is nothing to hold on to; nothing bound up tight,
I have nothing more to give and none left in me to fight,
so I guess this is goodbye finally; Goodnight. 

 there is something beautiful about poetry; it speaks to the deepest parts of my heart, and sings into the creases that never get light. I write it way to often and never share any of it. Im trying to track down and post more of it online since that's what people like... so if you want to follow my weird, lame and distant poems you can :).