Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Some friends...

      There are two types of people in our lives; those who leave and those who stick around. Some of those who leave you wish would stick around and keep being a part of your life because for some time they made you happy and gave you lots of joy, and then their are others who stick around whom you wish would leave. However, the people that make me the most confused are the people who come out of no where and they end up being the most important people in your life. You know those people I'm talking about; the ones who you message one day on Facebook because they were an acquaintance of someone you knew and you thought you would say hi and catch up with them. Then strangely they become so important to you and you cant see another day with out them being a part of your life. God has such a funny way of working the ins and outs of our lives that is so strange and mysterious.
     Recently I was reacquainted with a friend through some very unfortunate events, but even though I have only talked to this person for a few months I already feel their importance in my life. In my time of trouble and anger I was blessed with a glimpse of hope to healing by the friendship of this person. Possibly more to come from this story, but with my trip to Michigan rapidly approaching and school coming to an end for the summer; i haven't found much time to write.