Friday, June 7, 2013


 not much to do today so here is a lovely picture of my hand
 I cant seem to get away from my computer today, so much to do! buy plan tickets and look for a job, also I need to write a paper about the Vietnam war for history class. i should probably take a shower today too..
 I love these stars on my porch they make me feel like I can wish a thousand times and it will always come true
 My sweet little bird ,Blue bell, I named her blue bell because I bought her when the blue bells where blooming and she is as pretty as they are, I love her little squeaks, she makes me happy its warm again.

 the spiders are loving the warm weather I keep finding little nests all over the place, the baby spiders are learning ow to hunt that makes me happy because the mosquito are out and I can no longer sit out side at night and do home work.